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Eddie Velie, GRI, Broker/Owner of Velie Real Estate Services, LLC, DBA, Velie Realty is back! 

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          Thank you for visiting. This Website is for real estate sellers, investors, homebuyers, retirement planners wanting to diversify, and tenants who need information. We are the best in providing you with accurate tools to sell your property in the fastest, most cost-efficient strategy to maximize your net return on investment. In addition to doing everything all other brokerages can do we provide our sellers the following tools to accurately analyze your situation:

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FACTS EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW-- from Eddie Velie, GRI, Broker/Owner of Velie Realty:

#1      With a negative cash flow, your the property is probably still contributing to your net                               worth.

#2    Your ROI is higher if you take out a mortgage to buy the rental property.

#3     The best measure of a real estate investment is the after tax cash flow (AFTF)                               divided by the CASH you invested. 

Do you know why these things are true?

Investors, Home owners, retirement planners--- 

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             "While working on my masters degree at Hawaii Pacific University, I wrote several papers on quality management. The MA in HRM program was heavy in organizational culture so it didn’t take me long to focus on quality culture characteristics."

The previous paragraph was an excerpt from Velie Realty principle broker's grad paper, “HRM Quality Systems.” The paper elaborates on continuous quality improvement by using the criteria from the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award and researching the policies and characteristics most prominent in those companies. Perhaps it won't   put you to sleep and will make some sense. :-)         

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