About Velie Realty 

 Our company was founded in March 2008 in Broward County Florida. A one person LLC at the time, Eddie Velie was a licensed Mortgage Broker, Real Estate Broker, and Community Association Manager licensee. 

The sales pitch, "Take your Mortgage Broker Home Shopping With You," was very successful. Buyers asked questions spontaneously while walking thru the homes I was showing. It was a perfect situation. And no, I never closed an adjustable rate mortgage in my life. They are simply not in the clients best interest, no matter how much of kick back the banks offered.

In 2009, my wife, Nancy, was laid off from Sportsline.com.  I was doing well but not well enough. We abandoned the home (5 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 3-car garage, with pool and hot tub) we loved and moved to Melbourne when Harris Corp offered her a job. Melbourne happens to be my home town!

In December 2009 we moved to Melbourne where I relaunched my company. Because of the Great Recession AND the space shuttle shut down, Brevard was in a double whammy for real estate values. My solution? Focus on property management.

Home owners were unable to sell for several reasons. Recognizing this, I offered  the option of renting it out until property values recovered. Then, regardless of my white collar education, I discovered I like the hands on work of rehabbing houses. I found a mentor who taught me the trades of tile work, dry wall, among other things. My wife and I are buying our own rental properties with a self directed IRA.  

Now, I, Eddie Velie, would appreciate the opportunity to pass along the knowledge I've gained and mentor new agents into the business. See our recruiting page for more information.


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