Velie Realty is always on the lookout for smart, motivated real estate professionals with a commitment to excellence.  Whether you are a seasoned veteran, brand new to real estate, or just thinking about getting into real estate, Velie Realty is the place to hang your hard-earned license.  We’re a full-service brokerage, but we run a lean-and-mean operation to give us that competitive edge. Here is a sample of what Velie Realty offers Realtors:


Realtors, Why You Should Choose Velie Realty

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"Most licensees sell to friends, family, and relatives, then their career is over."

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Do you find yourself just turning in deals, and your broker taking a big cut?

You work hard for your commission! Give yourself a raise! Why are you giving so much of it away? At Velie Realty, experienced agents can keep more of what they earn than at the competitors. How can we do that?  Give us a call!

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Just earned your license?  Congratulations!  That’s a milestone to be proud of.  But before rushing off to the big-name brokers, come talk to us.  We offer more personalized training and mentoring at Velie Realty.  We know that learning about real estate is just the beginning…how to sell it is a whole new ball game!  And we’re here to help, every step of the way.   Because we’ve been there, too. 

Contact Eddie Velie. Get the very best advice, mentoring, and grooming to be a top-notch Realtor! Having been there, and done that, I can safely say, they do not care if you fail into the crowd of agents working a fulltime job with no time for selling real estate. They expect it and prey off of it!

Thinking About a Career in Real Estate?

A career as a Realtor is awesome! Your own schedule, your own boss, and no limit to your income! There’s no time like now to begin an exciting new career in Real Estate!  It all begins by taking that first step:  getting your license. Call Eddie for more --  

Property Management

Not all real estate careers require a license.  There are many aspects of property management that do not.  If you like multi-tasking, solving problems, and hands-on home improvement, come talk to us about becoming an independent property management contractor. Want to talk about it? Call me now!

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