Thank you for renting a Velie Realty managed home! We're happy to serve you and your family by making the rental process as quick and hassle-free as possible.  All Velie Realty managed properties are clean, safe, and fully-equipped on move-in day.  We strive to minimize disruptions to your life and privacy by keeping your home well maintained during your entire residency.

Tenant Rights Under Florida Law

As a tenant in the state of Florida, you have certain protections under state law.  Velie Realty fully understands and respects your tenant rights.  It’s important for you to understand them, too. Everything you need to know regarding interactions between the owner or property manager and the tenant is in the Florida Landlord Tenant Act. Click here to read and reference.

Mutual Respect and Cooperation

There are times when the landlord, or Velie Realty as their duly authorized property manager, may have to visit the property to conduct maintenance, repair, or respond to an emergency.  Velie Realty respects your privacy and will do our best to coordinate with you and work around your schedule.  We appreciate your cooperation to execute the repair in as timely a fashion as possible, and avoid multiple trips.  You should be aware of when a property manager or the owner may enter your residence. Here is the list that is written into our leases:


  1. At any time for the protection or preservation of the Premises.

  2. After reasonable notice to Tenant at reasonable times for the purpose of repairing the Premises.

  3. To inspect the Premises; make necessary or agreed-upon repairs, decorations, alterations, or improvements; supply agreed services; or exhibit the Premises to prospective or actual purchasers, mortgagees, tenants, workers, or contractors

  4. under any of the following circumstances:

    1. with the Tenant's consent;

    2. in case of an emergency;

    3. when Tenant unreasonably withholds consent; or if Tenant is absent from the Premises for a period of at least one-half a rental installment period. (If the rent is current and Tenant notifies property manager of an intended absence, then property manager may enter only with Tenant’s consent or for the protection or preservation of the Premises.)

Velie Realty Maintenance Service Call Process

Many problems reported by tenants can be easily and quickly resolved by the tenant, avoiding an unnecessary visit from the property manager and an unnecessary service interruption for you.  Also, your lease may have a minimum service charge billable to the tenant.  Be sure and review your lease to see if this applies to you.  Often this visit and billable charge can be avoided with simple troubleshooting steps. Click here for description of the process.

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